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A young agency.

About Us


India’s First AI based adtech company which
provide digital advertising solutions

Founded in 2015 , MangoData operates as brand trademarked under the legal entity “Crescent Data Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are the leading and fastest growing data driven digital marketing firm serving to biggest brands in the various categories in India and South East Asia. There is 100+ years of collective team experience in digital marketing who have handled 300+ top brands in India across all the industry verticals.

With exponential growth in mobile and data, there is large scope of making digital advertising more personalized and relevant. However, we realised that most of the digital agencies are still not using data extensively and in the right manner. Also, there is a big gap in making the data more meaningful and actionable. We bridge the gap by creating automation in data analytics by using AI & machine learning which makes digital advertising almost realtime, accurate and ROI driven.

Our Products

Most advance Unified Campaign Management System which provides seamless execution of digital advertising across all platforms via single window dashboard. It gives precise view on all the campaigns with history and learnings of past campaign data which is just a click away. It also helps in predictive modelling. Overall, it provides significant efficiency in manpower costing, time saving and overall ROI.

Through our state of art DMP, we help in managing Data, using analytics to get meaningful insights making them actionable for more effective advertising. Creating Audience Personas based on data points and using AI for personalised and relevant communication.

Core Pillars

As digital medium is very personal to consumer, hence advertising needs to be personal based on audience’s profile, interest and behaviour. MangoData through its data profiling makes it possible in most contextual and relevant way.

Local nuances and Mobile plays a big role in the relevancy of advertising. Mango Data uses the mobile sensors and data points to make the advertising hyperlocal, which is boon to regional and local communication. It makes it most efficient for SMEs and big advertisers, targeting specific regions and locations.

Using Machine Learning and AI, we make advertising relevant by pin-point targeting with the help of audience segments and dynamic creative optimization.

Our Vision

To create global ad-tech company helping brands in digital advertising in more accurate and efficient manner using big data technology, management and analytics and AI.