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Conversions increased by 21% with 34% reductions in spends.

  • Client: IndiGo
  • Website:
  • Services: Media Planning, Campaign management, Innovation, Data Analytics


To drive conversions at a lower cost and improve overall media efficiency.


  • Insights from our product Slice (Unified Campaign Management System) on the audience behaviour helped in a more targeted approach on Search, Display, Programmatic and Social.
  • With the help of real time insights from Slice we were able to shift monies across platforms while optimizing the campaign.
  • Through our Unified Campaign Management System, we were able to understand the user behaviour that more users will be available in 2 slots, morning peak hour and evening rush hour. The campaign pacing was maintained accordingly.


  • 34% Reduction in Cost per Conversion.
  • 21% Increase in Conversions within the same spends.
  • Display which is considered as a medium for branding was established as a good performance medium.