‘D’ for Digital Writing

Writing for Digital is easy, very non-creative and mediocre; right?


Gone are the days when Digital was considered a cakewalk for writers. Today, writing for digital has become as challenging as writing for a mainline agency or perhaps even more.

So, does there exist a cardinal theory for writing effective and creative copy in digital? Creative writing is always driven by emotions, which is why it is difficult to restrict it in set theories. However, some general rules do hold true whenever it comes to writing impactful copies for every idea:

Keep it short

What makes digital writing most challenging are the tight word limits that do not exist in mainline. Writing for a creative that needs to be promoted will require max 6-7 words. So, your task is to choose the best combination of 6 words that will hit the user’s mind most effectively while delivering the core message with clarity.

Make writing 'Pun'

Puns work for Digital as good as they work for mainline. An award winning Print Ad once wrote a very simple yet effective Pun for a beverage brand “Thirst Aid”. Two words were enough to bring forth the writer’s genius while conveying the product’s core promise in a memorable way.

Keep it simple

A writer on digital has to be the most thoughtful about his target audience. One must not let their creative instincts take over the bigger purpose of the communication. Every line written on digital has to be simple yet creative enough to bring a smile on the reader’s face. As a famous writer once rightly said: “It is easy to write in difficult language but it is very difficult to write in easy language”.


Last but not the least, adapting is a process that will never stop when writing for digital. Digital is an extremely dynamic platform, which challenges you to adapt your writing style for different ad formats on a regular basis. Every digital platform is like a different language and when one thinks of an idea, they must think of that idea in all those different languages.

All that said, the biggest rule to writing anything memorable is to put your heart in it! Do that and everything else will fall in place. All the best!