“Insta is worthy” for small businesses!

We all know how difficult it is to start from scratch with any business, and even more when you have a very limited budget, lack of resources, and sometimes inability to access new technology are just some of the everyday struggles you have to go through as a small business owner.

At this point, it is more than clear that the internet plays a key role in promoting any brand that is starting but putting money aside for expensive digital advertising without knowing what to do with it, can be a stretch.

Each month more than 1 Billion people use Instagram. Along with that, 63% of Instagram users log in at least once per day. This data says it all, the users here are very active and are here to absorb content. In simple words they are here to see content that they can relate to. But there’s a big hurdle for brands that want to jump on the Instagram bandwagon.

Many find themselves thinking, where do I even start? It can be very daunting to wade through all the disjointed tips and resources plus the algorithm keeps changing its tunes very often. Once you know you have mastered the platform, something new happens and you are again sent in a corner. So what should you be doing?

There are things that never ever change here and it is good to take note and stay applying.

  • - Paid tactics like advertising and using the influencers wisely.
  • - Unpaid tactics like creating engaging content, staying consistent and interacting with each and every consumer directly.
  • Some additional tips that you may find very handy:

    - Use Instagram stories everyday: Instagram Stories has become a popular feature on the platform. According to Instagram, 500 million people use Instagram Stories each day. Therefore, you should consider making it a part of your Instagram daily updates.

    - Create ads: Start small but you must start advertising on Instagram. It can reach more people very quickly and people get a change to discover you.

    - Use relevant hashtags: Did you know using the correct hashtags is more than science. Just by random picking any hashtags won’t cut it. It is important that you use the correct ones.