Jaquar Lighting Engaged
MangoData to Redesign the
User Experience
For Its Chandelier Range


Help Jaquar Lighting elevate the user experience for its Chandelier Range. Establish a clear distinction between high end and value for money products, while retaining a seamless experience


A user-centered website and mobile application which meet the diverse range of Jaquar Lighting products and provide clear information to the users

When Jaquar Lighting asked us to redesign the User Experience for its Chandelier range, we knew that the outcome would have to make an impact at all levels of user experience; Visceral, Behavioural and Reflective.

“It is not going to be easy for you guys. You see, Chandeliers are just a part of the diverse range of lighting products we manufacture. But it is an important part, as it brings aspirational value to the entire range. The Chandelier range is premium, it has to standout but also be a part of the entire universe of products at the same time. We want a seamless experience.” [Client]

How do you create an optimum experience for such contrasts? Unlike real life scenarios where the change can be designed as a gradual progression, digital mediums demand an instant switch. Click and go, the experience changes instantly. This is good from the usability point of view, but the issue is, you only have micro seconds to establish the perceived value of a product. When a consumer switches from a value for money to a high end product or vice versa you have to prep her. Surprise is not a good proposition in such scenarios.

We had to create a ‘seamless juxtaposition’, so we decided to take cues from how the users were interacting with the products in real world and recreate the experience on the digital medium. The benefits: Users who have experienced the brand products should find similarity and those who are new to the brand should get a good first hand experience and relate to the product diversity.

The decision landed us scouring two different channels where the brand products were being sold: Retailers and company managed Orientation Centres.


- Products (minus Chandeliers) were being sold in store formats. White lights, shelves, multiple options to choose from.
- Chandeliers were sold via Experience Outlets where the ambience was created with warm lights, space and dark backgrounds to enhance the look and appeal of the chandeliers.

This observation became the foundation to define our approach, an answer to our design challenge. The outcome was a blend of contrasts, a smooth juxtaposition: White and Black, Black and white with complementing design elements.