What We Do

We create straightforward, simple
and effective solutions that are both user
centric and brand focussed.

We believe that a good solution is a confluence of a user’s needs and a brand’s aspirations. A symbiotic relation that takes shapes when user expresses and the brand takes an earnest note. And with good intent addresses those needs, keeping the user at core, always. The result is a solution that is desired by the user and fulfils a brand’s aspirations.

At MangoData, we deem ourselves as a bridge between a user’s needs and a brand’s aspirations. We create (brand) solutions which help a user reach her goals in a straightforward, easy to understand and effective way. And when users reach their goals happy and satisfied, they keep coming back for more. Making the brand a winner by default.

At MangoData we call it the
no b.s. approach

Our Story

Since 2015, we have been powering the initiatives of Renown Enterprises, Startups and Brands. We help businesses across industries transform through Strategy, Design, Data & Insights Driven Digital Marketing.

Who We Are

We are a motley crew of Entrepreneurs, creatives, account managers, engineers, designers, strategists, media planners, and designers. We come in all shapes and sizes. We have different point of views, expertise, strengths, weaknesses and ego sizes. But we all have one thing in common. We all are zealots for great work. That’s what makes us different. We strive to create solutions that makes users’ life easy and grow the client’s bottomline. We believe clients are our key to success and the success of a client is directly proportional to the value she adds to a user’s life. It is not complicated.

It is WIN-WIN and we are determined to deliver it, every time.

We Are MangoData

We believe clients are the key to
our success. And client
growth is our growth.

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